Dr. Prof. Changqing ZOU

Assistant Professor Researcher, University of Maryland College Park, USA
Email: aaronzou1125@gmail.com

Research Interests

Computer Graphics, Computer Vision

Citation indices

22 journals, 9 conferences (2014-2017).
citations: 405 (Google Scholar, Jan. 2014 - Oct. 20, 2017)
h-index: 7 (Google Scholar, Jan. 2014- Oct. 20, 2017)
i10-index: 7 (Google Scholar, Jan. 2014 - Oct. 20, 2017)


Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.
Ph.D., Pattern Recognition and Intelligence System. 2011.08 - 2015.01
Thesis title: Sketch-based 3D Model Reconstruction and Retrieval Methods
Research field: Computer Graphics and Computer Vision
Supervisor: Prof. Jianzhuang Liu
Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.
M.E., Signal and Information Processing. 2005.09 - 2008.06
Thesis title: The Analysis and Simulation Research on Receiving System of Remote Sensing Satellite
Research field: Satellite Signal Processing
Supervisor: Prof. Baoquan Zhang
School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, China.
B.E., Electronic and Communication. 2001.09 - 2005.07
GPA: 3.5/4

Academic Experience and Employment

Assistant Professor Researcher, University of Maryland, College Park, US. 2017.11 -
Responsibilities: conducting research on AR/VR.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Simon Fraser University, Canada. 2015.07 - 2017.09
Responsibilities: conducting research on computer graphics and computer vision; supervising master
students and junior Ph.D students.
Supervisors: Prof. Hao Zhang and Prof. Ping Tan
Associate Professor, Hengyang Normal University, China. 2014.06 - 2015.06
Responsibilities: conducting research; applying and completing the research projects funded by the
government (research funding totalling about 0.7 million CNY).
Research Associate, City University of Hong Kong, HongKong. 2013.11 - 2014.05
Responsibilities: conducting research on computer graphics and computer vision.
Supervisor: Prof. Hongbo Fu
Visiting PhD Student, Microsoft Research Aisa (MSRA), China. 2012.11 - 2013.05
Responsibilities: conducting research on computer vision and multimedia.
Supervisors: Dr. Changhu Wang and Dr. Lei Zhang
Lecturer, Hengyang Normal University, China. 2010.08 - 2011.07
Responsibilities: teaching courses on Signal Processing and Programming Languages.
Software Engineer, C2 Microsystems Inc.(Beijing), China. 2008.06 - 2010.07
Responsibilities: developing application software for Digital TV and Set-Top box.

Selected Publications (representative work highlighted in blue)

Journal Papers
[SIGGRAPHAISA2017] : Changqing Zou, Zhaoliang Lun, Haibin Huang, Vangelis Kalogerakis,
Ping Tan, Marie Paule Cani, Hao Zhang. Learning Perceptual Pattern Grouping, SIGGRAPH ASIA,
[PR2017] : Ke Li, Changqing Zou*(corresponding author), Shuhui Bu, Minglun Gong. Multimodal
Feature Fusion for Geographic Image Annotation, Pattern Recognition, 2017.
[JCAM2017]: Junjie Cao, He Chen, Jie Zhang, Yujiao Li, Xiuping Liu, Changqing Zou: Normal
estimation via shifted neighborhood for point cloud. J. Computational Applied Mathematics 329:
57-67 (2018)
[CGF2017] : Dong Wang, Changqing Zou*(corresponding author), Guiqing Li. L0 Gradient
Preserving Color Transfer. Computer Graphics Forum, 2017.
[SIGGRAPH 2016] : Changqing Zou, Junjie Cao, Warunika Ranaweera, Ibraheem Alhashim,
Ping Tan, Alla Sheffer, Hao Zhang. Legible compact calligrams. ACM Trans. Graph. 35(4): 122:1-
122:12 (2016).
[SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016]: Rui Ma, Honghua Li, Changqing Zou, Zicheng Liao, Xin Tong, Hao
Zhang. Action-driven 3D indoor scene evolution. ACM Trans. Graph. 35(6): 173:1-173:13 (2016).
[PRL2016]: Zhenzhong Kuang, Zongmin Li, Yujie Liu, Changqing Zou*(corresponding author).
Shape similarity assessment based on partial feature aggregation and ranking lists. Pattern Recognition
Letters 83: 368-378 (2016).
[TVC2016]: Lili Wan, Changqing Zou*(corresponding author), Hao Zhang (2016). Full and partial
shape similarity through sparse descriptor reconstruction, The Visual Computer.
[TVC2016]: Xiuping Liu, Pingping Tao, Junjie Cao, He Chen, Changqing Zou. Mesh saliency
detection via double absorbing Markov chain in feature space. The Visual Computer 32(9): 1121-1132
[PR2016] : Changqing Zou, Tianfan Xue, Xiaojiang Peng, Honghua Li, Baochang Zhang, Ping
Tan, Jianzhuang Liu. An example-based approach to 3D man-made object reconstruction from line
drawings. Pattern Recognition 60: 543-553 (2016).
[TVCG2015] : Changqing Zou, Shifeng Chen, Hongbo Fu, Jianzhuang Liu. Progressive 3D reconstruction
of planar-faced manifold objects with DRF-based line drawing decomposition. IEEE Trans.
Vis. Comput. Graph. 21(2): 252-263 (2015).
[CVIU2015]: Bo Li, Yijuan Lu, Chunyuan Li, Afzal Godil, Tobias Schreck, Masaki Aono, Martin
Burtscher, Qiang Chen, Nihad Karim Chowdhury, Bin Fang, Hongbo Fu, Takahiko Furuya, Haisheng
Li, Jianzhuang Liu, Henry Johan, Ryuichi Kosaka, Hitoshi Koyanagi, Ryutarou Ohbuchi, Atsushi
Tatsuma, Yajuan Wan, Chaoli Zhang, Changqing Zou. A comparison of 3D shape retrieval methods
based on a large-scale benchmark supporting multimodal queries. Computer Vision and Image
Understanding 131: 1-27 (2015).
[C&G2014]: Changqing Zou, Xiaojiang Peng, Hao Lv, Shifeng Chen, Hongbo Fu, Jianzhuang Liu.
Sketch-based 3-D modeling for piecewise planar objects in single images. Computers & Graphics 46:
130-137 (2015).
[SPL2014]: Changqing Zou, Changhu Wang, Yafei Wen, Lei Zhang, Jianzhuang Liu. Viewpointaware
representation for sketch-based 3D model retrieval. IEEE Signal Process. Lett. 21(8): 966-970
[SPL2014]: Heng Yang, Changqing Zou, Ioannis Patras. Face sketch landmarks localization in the
wild. IEEE Signal Process. Lett. 21(11): 1321-1325 (2014).
Conference Papers
[SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 Technical Brief] : Lei Li, Zhe. Huang, Changqing Zou* (corresponding
author), Chiew-Lan Tai, Rynson Lau, Hao Zhang, Ping Tan, Hongbo Fu. Model-driven sketch
reconstruction with structure-oriented retrieval. SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 Technical Briefs (acceptance
rate: 20%), 2016.
[CVPR2014] : Changqing Zou, Heng Yang, Jianzhuang Liu. Separation of line drawings based
on split faces for 3D object reconstruction. CVPR (acceptance rate:29.9%), 2014.
[ECCV2014] : Xiaojiang Peng, Changqing Zou, Yu Qiao, and Qiang Peng. Action recognition
with stacked fisher vectors. ECCV (acceptance rate:26.7%), 2014.
[ACCV2012]: Changqing Zou, Jianbo Liu, Jianzhuang Liu. Precise 3D reconstruction from a single
image, ACCV (acceptance rate:26.6%), 2012.
[3DOR SHREC 2014]: B. Li, Y. Lu, C Li, A. Godil, T. Schreck, M. Aono, H. Fu, T. Furuya, H. Johan,
J. Liu, R. Ohbuchi, A. Tatsuma and C. Zou. SHREC’14 Track: extended large scale sketch-based
3D shape retrieval, Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval, 2014.
[ICIST 2014]: Yafei Wen, Changqing Zou, Jianzhuang Liu. Probabilistic latent semantic analysis
for sketch-based 3D model retrieval, The Fourth IEEE International Conference on Information
Science and Technology (acceptance rate:34.5%), 2014 (Best Paper Award).
[ICPR 2014]: Yafei Wen, Changqing Zou, Jianzhuang Liu. Sketch-based 3D model retrieval via
multi-feature fusion, ICPR (acceptance rate:56.2%), 2014.
[PhD Thesis]: Changqing Zou. Sketch-based 3D model reconstruction and retrieval. Ph.D. Thesis.
Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, CAS.

Professional Talks

Conference Presentations
[01] Legible compact calligrams. ACM SIGGRAPH 2016. Anaheim, USA. 2016.07
[02] Sketch based 3-D modeling for piecewise planar objects in single images. SMI 2014, HongKong,
China. 2014.10
[03] Probabilistic latent semantic analysis for sketch-based 3D model retrieval. ICIST 2014, Shenzhen,
China. 2014.04
[01] How Human Group Discrete Patterns. Shandong University, China. 2017.10
[02] How to publish a high-level research paper? Computer Sciences Department seminar. Hengyang
Normal University, China. 2016.12
[03] Automatic constraint detection for 2D layout regularization. GrUVi Lab seminar. Simon Fraser
University, Canada. 2016.06
[04] Sketch-based 3D object reconstruction and retrieval. GrUVi Lab seminar. Simon Fraser University,
Canada. 2015.07
[05] Three dimensional reconstruction from single line drawings. MSRA seminar. Microsoft Research
Asia (MSRA), China. 2013.02

Research Funding

[01] Young Scientists Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (project No. 61502153,
0.5 million CNY, Jan. 2015 - Dec. 2017), "Sketch-based 3D model retrieval using semantic part".
[02] Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province of China (project No. 2016JJ3031, 0.1 million
CNY, Jan. 2016 - Dec. 2017), "Multi-modal content similarity based 3D CAD model retrieval".
[03] HNU Start-up Grant (project No. 15B22, 0.1 million CNY, Jan. 2015 - Dec. 2017), "Model-driven sketch reconstruction".

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