Recently CVRS Lab undertook several research and development projects related to industrial robots and multi-sensor data acquisition, and urgently needs to recruit 1-2 hardware engineers (Negotiable Salary).
Job Responsibilities:Responsible for system integration design, hardware system integration , communication with software engineers.
Job Requirements:
  • Education Requirement: College (full time) or above, graduate students (part-time) or above;
  • Work Experience Requirements: Full-time specialist should have 3 years or more working experience, full-time undergraduate should have 2 or more years working experience.
  • Familiar with the “digital circuit”, “analog”, “microcomputer principle and interface technology”, “circuit theory”, “signal processing” and other professional curriculum;
  • Familiar with AD, RS485, RS422 and MODBUS- RTU protocol;
  • Familiar with PLC programming development;
  • Familiar with the IPC and its interface;
  • People with industrial-control experience are preferred;
  • People with camera control and acquisition experience are preferred;
  • People with STM32 development experience are preferred;
  • People with C, C ++ program development capabilities are preferred;
  • People with hardware system integrated development experience are preferred;
  • People with circuit design experience are preferred.
Explanation:Full-time staff are qualified as WHU research assistants
Contact: Prof. Jian Yao
Tel: -86+18040585008
EMail:jian.yao@whu.edu.cn    jianyao75@qq.com
Lab Address:Room 425, Building No. 5, School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering, Wuhan University
Lab Web: http://cvrs.whu.edu.cn/