Dear Students:

WHU-CVRS Lab is now recruiting postgraduate students enrolled in 2016. WHU-CVRS Lab is affiliated to School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering, Wuhan University, which ranks first in Asian and integrates remote sensing, surveying and mapping, along with spatial information technology as one set. CVRS Lab was established in April, 2012 by “Chutian Scholar” Distinguished Prof. Jian Yao (Doctor of philosophy of The Chinese University Hong Kong, postdoctoral fellowship of IDIAP Research Institute in Switzerland, Grandholder of European Commission - Joint Research Centre). Currently CVRS Lab consists of 1 post doctor, over 20 Master and Ph.D. candidates, and over 10 undergraduates. Since the establishment, CVRS Lab has participated and held several scientific research projects of national, provincial and ministerial levels, including Program 973, projects and key projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Hubei Province Science and Technology Support Program, the Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Support Program, Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province, etc. Besides, the Lab has carried out a series of scientific and technological cooperation and student training cooperation with industry related enterprises (Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Geoway, Leador, Ztemap, Qiaokang Company in Hunan, Tianxingjian Company in Shunde, etc.). Currently the main research interests of CVRS Lab include:
  • Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Analysis;
  • Image Processing, Medical Image Processing, Video Analysis, Intelligent Video Surveillance;
  • Robot Technology, Machine vision intelligent inspection, Robot Vision Navigation and Positioning, SLAM, Indoor Navigation and Positioning;
  • 3D Scene Modeling and Rendering, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality (VR);
  • LiDAR Point Cloud Data Processing and Analyzing, 3D Deformation Monitoring and Analyzing;
  • Land Mobile Remote Sensing, Object Extraction and Scene Interpretation of High Resolution Remote Sensing;
  • High Performance Computing, GPU Computing, Multi-core CPU Computing, GPU-CPU Hybrid Computing, Cloud Computing;
  • System Integration of the Software and Hardware, Web Development, App Development, etc.

Prof. Jian Yao  WHU-CVRS Director

Welcome outstanding students of the disciplinary or interdisciplinary students who have postgraduate recommendation, especially for those who have proficiency in programming, mathematics and integration ability of hardware system.
It's not necessary for applicants to have relevant professional background. As long as you have great interest in our research directions or our scientific projects, or if you want to start your business in relevant research areas, you can contact us with calls or emails.

Welcome to sign up for 2015 Excellent College Students Summer Camp, School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering, Wuhan University

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  • Web:http://cvrs.whu.edu.cn/
  • EMail:jian.yao@whu.edu.cn    jianyao75@qq.com
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