On Jun 18th, 2015, the results of "HUAWEI Cup" National College Student Intelligent Design Contest Preliminary were listed. Among 294 teams from 54 universities and colleges, the two teams led by Prof. Jian Yao both won awards and the Smart_DL team (Tianhao Zhang from School of Geodesy and Geomatics, Yingyi Zhao and Jinghan Lei from School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering) got into the final, which would be held in Sun Yat-sen University from Aug 14th to 16th. CVRS -Trans team(Yuan Liu and Kao Zhang from School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering) got the third prize.

Smart_DL team developed an AI system based on automatic object recognition, which innovatively used Kinect to obtain color, depth information and the point cloud information. The varies information above applies 3D dimension and point cloud with position and orientation information to machine learning recognition algorithm. The system can be served as the recognition system for robot, which enables robots to quickly recognize the objects in real time. By analyzing the accurate spatial relation between the interesting objects and nearby obstacles, the robots will be able to design and operate arm movement such as grasping, etc. This kind of robot who can automatically recognize objects will be such convenience for the elderly, pregnant women, etc.


As for the CVRS-Trans, they developed a mobile APP which can translate the commodity packages. The APP can not only use mobile cameras to obtain photos but also can reach photos from gallery. It can provide real-time translation service by text detection, recognition and translation, which will be such convenience for those living abroad (young people who study or work abroad for the first time, the elderly who want to pay a visit to their children and foreign tourists) and import lovers.



【Introduction to the “HUAWEI Cup” Contest】
The National College Student Intelligent Design Contest was hosted by Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, instructed by Teaching Steering Committee in Computer Science of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education, organized by Education Committee of China Artificial Intelligence Association. Four session have been held so far. The 2015 “HUAWEI Cup” National College Student Intelligent Design Contest was undertaken by Sun Yat-sen University. There were two self-selected topics: intelligent robot and wearing device and other nineteen officially-selected topics. The contest has outstanding award, first, second and third prize. Champion, runner-up and second runner-up are the outstanding awards; first, second and third prize respectively account for 10%, 15% and 25%.