From Jul. 26th to 27th, the 2015 China Artificial Intelligence Conference (CCAI’2015) was held in Beijing Friendship Hotel, which was led by China Association for Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, hosted by Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence and undertaken by CSDN. Yinxuan Li from CVRS Lab, School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering, Wuhan University attended the meeting. She listened lots of great reports delivered by top experts in the field of AI and participated the discussions.

Figure 1: Yanxuan Li from CVRS Lab Attended the 2015 China Artificial Intelligence Conference (CCAI’2015).

The conference was divided into two parts: speech and forum, in which the interaction was set. Over 50 experts 1000 professional audience attended the meeting. The atmosphere was lively, friendly and festively.

Figure 2: “The Formalization of Brain Cognition” by Dr. Deyi Li.

Figure 3-4: Academician Tieniu Tan showed AI conversation video in his speech “Current Status and Prospect of AI”.

Figure 5-6: Microsoft Vice President Xiangyang Shen delivered a speech entitled “Computer Vision-The Past, Present, and Future”, in which he introduced Microsoft Xiao Bing.

Figure 7: Academician Yangsheng Xu gived a keynote report “Robots - from action to smart&rdquo.

Figure 8: Forum: Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition.

Figure 9: Forum: The chance and challenge of big data.

Deyi Li, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and chairman of China Institute of artificial intelligence, Tieniu Tan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and vice chairman of the China Institute of artificial intelligence, Yangsheng Xu, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and president of Chinese University Hong Kong, Xiangyang Shen, Microsoft Vice President, Qingfeng Liu, chairman of IFLYTEK, Xindong Wu, professor of HeFei University of Technology and distinguished expert of National People Plan, Su Zhong, inspector of IBM Big Data and Cognitive Computing Research in China were invited to deliver their academic reports in at the conference. There were four themes in the open forum: Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition, Chances and Challenges of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, the Future of Artificial Intelligence and Robot. The forum form was round table discussion where top scholars served as host and led deep discussions. About 40 domestic and foreign scientists and elites gave their speech as guests.

In addition, there were also exhibitions for AI products.

Figure 10: AI Products Exhibition: Iris Acquisition Instrument.

Figure 11-12: Experiencing novel biometric cloud service platform—Eyekey at the exhibition.

Figure 13: AI Products Exhibition: Turing Robot.

Figure 14: AI Products Exhibition: Face Recognition.

【Detailed Reports】
Official Website http://bss.csdn.net/m/zone/CCAI/index
Live Video of Conference http://special.csdncms.csdn.net/CCAI2015/