From Aug 8th to 10th ,2015, the twelfth IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation(ICIA'2015)organized by CUHK was held in beautiful Lijiang Old Town. Four papers from WHU-CVRS Lab was included. Li Li and Yuan Liu attended the meeting as representatives.

ICIA'2015 Conference Photo (Attenders: Li Li and Yuan Li from CVRS Lab)

Based on automation, the conference was divided into more than ten parts: they were Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Robot Control, Energy Management, Learning and Self-adaption and so on. During the 3-day conference, Li Li from our team delivered a report entitled “Edge Based Split-and-Merge Superpixel Segmentation”, in which he introduced the split-and-merge superpixel segmentation based on edge. If the edge is taken into consideration, the results of superpixel segmentation will be much better than the traditional methods. In addition, the title of Yuan Liu’s report was “An Efficient Method for Text Detection from Indoor Panorama Images Using Extremal Regions”, in which she introduced a method for text detection based on machine learning.

Li Li was giving an oral presenation.

Yuan Liu was giving an oral presenation.

A photo from Yuan Liu and other conference attenders.