Team activity: The Second "CVRS Cup" Badminton and Table Tennis Competition was held from 9AM to 3PM on Apr, 17th, 2016. Over 40 members in WHU-CVRS Lab participated in the competition.

Match Results:
(1)Badminton Men’s Singles: Champion: Shengdong Zhang; Runner-up: Jianqiang Liu; Second Runner-up: Kai Chen.
(2)Badminton Women’s Singles: Champion: Mengyi Chen; Runner-up: Jialin Yan; Second Runner-up: Binbin Xiang.
(3)Badminton Mixed Doubles: Champion: Renping Xie, Yulin, Chen; Runner-up: Kang Liu, Mengyi, Chen; Second Runner-up: Shengdong Zhang, Binbin Xiang.
(4)Table Tennis Men's Singles: Champion: Bowen Qi; Runner- up: Chen Feng; Second Runner-up: Jianqiang Liu.
(5)Table Tennis Women's Singles: Champion: Ying Zhang; Runner-up: Binbin Xiang; Second Runner-up: Mengyi Chen.
(6)Table Tennis Fun Contest: Kai Li.
(7)Badminton Fun Contest: Kai Chen.

Acknowledgement: (1) Contest Organizers: Mengyi Chen, Chen Feng, Yuan Liu, Xiaohu Lu, Kai Chen, Binbin Xiang; (2)Judges: Xiaohu Lu, Renping Xie, Sa Zhu, Kang Liu, Chen Feng and so on; (3) Photographers: Sa Zhu, Yahui, Liu, Ruiqian Zhang; (4) All the participants, organizers and students who provided help.