IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation (ICIA 2016) was held in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, from Aug 1st to 3rd, 2016. Two papers from WHU-CVRS Lab were included, Binbin Xiang attended the meeting as representative.

The topic of Binbin Xiang’s presentation is "Segmentation-based Classification for 3D Urban Point Clouds". In her presentation, she mainly introduced a unified classification framework for 3D urban point clouds. First of all, an efficient segmentation approach is utilized to segment 3D point clouds. Then, we extract a set of features from each segment for training and testing by using an effective classifier. Finally, the contextual constraints among objects is used to further refine the classification results based on segments via graph cuts optimization. The topic of Li Li’s paper is "Superpixel-Based Optimal Seamline Detection via Graph Cuts for Panoramic Images". This paper presented a novel method for seamlessly mosaicking panoramic images based on superpixels in the graph cuts energy minimization framework. Experimental results demonstrate that the superpixel-based method is capable of generating high-quality seamlines as the pixel-based method but greatly reduces the computation time. During the conference, Binbin Xiang and other participants has a deeply discussion and learning from each other. And through the participation in the international conference, she not only further expand the research field, but also has a further understanding of latest research trends in the neighborhood of international information and automation.


Binbin Xiang was giving an oral presenation


Binbin Xiang was answering questions from the other participants